This Chinese extract, after several clinical studies by researchers,  has
been shown to be effective in improving immunity and destroying abnormal
cells. The active ingredient Asparagoside adjusts immunity and increases
the transfer activity of T-lymphocytes or interlukin-2. The results, of this
kind of activity, initiates Asparagoside into the medical field as an effective
immune stimulant.  Asparagus extract may be effective for kidney and
digestive problems, however many studies have shown this extract to
reduce Candida in the body. (This is best taken with Vein lite)
                                                CHI RESEARCH

(Turn your body into Alkaline, KIDNEY FUNCTIONS, DIGESTION & IMMUNITY)

    Patients exhibit teethmarks on the tongue may have protein deficiency, you may see bubbles in the urine
    (foaming). The famous Chinese Five Elements System reveals that the spleen (which represents immunity)
    and the pancreas (which represents digestion) are able to affect the functions of the kidney.  If both are
    weak, then kidney functions will be poor.  A weak kidney will induce water retention, which may be
    noticed through tongue edema.  The tongue edema places pressure on the side of the tongue against the
    teeth, resulting in the observed teethmarks.  

    According to the Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board's web site, "Asparagus is the leading supplier
    among vegetables of folic acid. Folacin has been shown to play a significant role in the prevention of liver
    disease and neural tube defects such as spina bifida that cause paralysis and death in 2500 babies each
    year. It is rich source of rutin a drug that strengthens capillary walls. It also contains Gluathione, (GSH)
    one of the most potent anti-carcinogens and antioxidants found in the body.

    Since 1976, Russia, India, and Japan have all identified the two main active ingredients of Asparagus to be
    saponins and Steroid Glycoside.  Further studies allowed these ingredients to be combined together to form
    Asparagoside.  In 1983, Stirpe performed various studies at molecular biology levels and discovered that
    Asparagoside is able to restrict DNA synthesis and the translation of proteins.  This discovery of DNA
    inhibition was proof that Asparagoside had the ability to inhibit adenocarcinoma. Another experiment  was
    conducted in 1984 by Gorgann on laboratory mice.  The results of this test revealed that Asparagoside is
    effective in reducing breast, pancreas, and cervical cancer.  Then, in 1985, Sati used Asparagoside to
    perform an in vivo experiment regarding the JTC-26 (human cervical cancer cell) and P-388 (leukemia
    cell) in laboratory mice. Through these experiments, Asparagoside was proven to have the ability to
    successfully reduce the above cancerous situations.

    Recent studies were performed with an extract of asparagus at the Oncology hospital in the Beijing
    Scientific Academic Institution.  Different cell lines were tested including the HeLa (human cervical cancer
    cell line), the CNE (Pharyngorhino cancer cell line), and the Eca-109 (esophagus cell line). Through these
    three in vitro studies, researchers discovered LD50  (50% of Lethal Dose) for each cancer cell line is 3.1%
    - 5.6% concentration of asparagus extract. An in vivo study on LA-795 (mice lung adenocarcinoma cell
    lines) demonstrated that, when given the dosage of asparagus extract (0.3 - 0.8 g/kg/day) for 9-12 days, a
    surprising number of mice revealed a considerable reduction in the tumor size.

    Scientific research illustrated the effectiveness of asparagus extract in improving the rates of peripheral
    blood hymphocytes mitosis. During these experiments, both an extract of asparagus and Interleukin 2 were
    given to mice. The results revealed that the activity of the Interleukin 2 was doubled due to the addition of
    the asparagus extract.  The researchers then discovered that this situation not only occurred in C57 mice,
    but in healthy humans and, more importantly, cancer patients.

    The clinical data table below describes the effectiveness of an asparagus extract in improving the immunity
    of 400 patients with weak immune systems after chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment.
    Before       After      P Value                                  

    In a study conducted on 40 patients with  lung problems, the individuals were given 3 packets
    of Asparagus Extract daily for 2 months. 16 experienced an increase in appetite while 8 patients observed
    an increase in their complement (Cf) 1.16       1.41      <0.01       .

    E-RFC*                   56.2%      66.2%     <0.01                                  
    T-Cell                     48.6%      54.3%     <0.01                                 
                                  mg/ml     mg/ml                                                  
    IgG                          13.79      15.37       <0.05
    *Erythrocyte Rosetting Forming Cell
    In another test done on 30 patients with esophageal problems, the individuals received 3 packets daily of
    an extract of asparagus  for 2 months.  24 increased their ability to consume foods, with 12 being able to
    eat semi-fluid forms. 3 patients were able to eat regular meals and 9 were able to take fluid nutrition. 12
    noticed a decrease in chest pain and another 12 reported to have no pain in the chest area at all after the
    use of the extract. 18 noticed an increase in body weight from 0.5-5kg while 6 patients experienced no

    In another clinical study comparing two groups (each consisting of 40 terminal stage patients) one group
    received 3 bags of asparagus extract per day while the other group received none. On average, those who
    took the asparagus had a 40.1 day increase in survival, averaging 126.7 days. WBC levels in this group
    increased from 5040 to 5600, total serum globulin levels increased from 59.3g/L to 61.1 g/L with a p-
    value<0.01. Serum ferritin levels also increased from 107.7 g/L to 114.5g/L.

    Normal cells can biosyntheses aspartic acid, which is necessary for cells to grow. However, unhealthy
    cells cannot biosyntheses aspartic acid themselves. So these cells depend on the normal cells, aspartic acid
    to live. Asparaginase degrades aspartic acid which that is can select to inhibit the unwanted cell growth.
    Consisting in aldehyde and ketone, Asparagus Extract is able to kill abnormal cells during electron
    transference. Asparagus Extract also contain a high quantity of the trace element Selenium, which is used
    as an anti-oxidant.  In addition, the active ingredient Asparagoside adjusts immunity and increases the
    transfer activity of T-lymphocytes (Interlukin-2).  The results of this kind of activity initiates Asparagoside
    into the medical field as an effective immune-stimulant.

    Dr. Theodore A Baroody, North Carolina, in his book Asparagus Can Do It For You says “asparagus
    should be taken by everyone for a number of reasons the two best being heart balance and cancer
    prevention.  Among other things this tasty vegetable supplies is its extremely high alkaline forming
    property that is very beneficial to overall health.  I test for 175 primary deficiencies in my patients and
    asparagus can strengthen and supply every one of these imbalances at one time or another.  Other benefits
    are to the immune system and heart arrhythmia.  Because it is so hard to get people to eat Asparagus
    everyday I highly recommend this food supplement.”

    Dr. Kurt Donsbach, of California says “Every so often an idea or concept comes along that is too easy and
    inexpensive to ignore, ---- the daily use of asparagus is one of them.”  “The original asparagus therapy
    came from a dentist in Pittsburgh who had a cancer behind his eye and Hodgkin’s lymphoma blocking his
    intestine. Both went gradually over about one year.  Supposedly any number of cancers have been helped,
    cancer of the mouth, bladder, breast, lung, colon, prostrate cancers and leukemia.  Asparagus is expensive
    and available only for a short season. Asparagus extracts allow a person to get the benefits all year around
    without eating large quantities.”

    Asparagus can clean the artery and has diuretic effects. Besides, asparagus extract also can help chelation
    Mercury out through the kidneys.

    Chi's Enterprise's Asparagus Extract is a special purified extract from whole, organically grown asparagus,
    (including the roots). Each 5 gram bag is extracted from 1/2 lb. of entire Asparagus, which contains high
    levels of different types of asparagosides, oligosaccharide, saponins, asparginase, histone, lysine,
    chelidonic acid, peptidase, glutathione, querctine, ß-carotin, minerals, vitamins, folic acid, and especially
    methionine selenium.

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    care professional before taking.