Amish Products
    Jonas Troyer started the Troyer Cheese Company in 1961 to distribute local meat and cheese for
    area producers. One day at an AMISH wedding, so the story goes, he looked around the tables at
    the array of jams and pickled vegetables and watched the servers pour glass jars of peaches and
    pears from the fruit cellar into a bowl. Suddenly he knew this was all so good he had to share it
    with everyone. Thus was the beginning of Troyer's line of Amish Wedding Foods in 2002. The
    cannery is in operation year round.

    Troyer foods is like homemade-created from an old-fashioned recipe and produced by Troyer's.
    It's truly one of a kind, wholesome goodness for your own table.  Seasonal and locally home
    grown , berries, apples, oranges and other produce are used for providing their Amish Wedding
    Food line to markets across the U.S. Fresh picked and ripened, using the best fruits, berries, nuts,
    and flavorings with the Amish Wedding home-made recipes, Nature’s Unique is now offering a
    variety of Jams and Jellies to you!

    They only offer the CHRISTMAS JAM “once a year” so we decided we would offer this to you
    this Christmas.  We will soon have a variety of jams and jellies online for you to purchase.  
Amish Christmas Jam - 18 oz of Christmas Jam in every Jar, gracing your
tables for the Holiday Season!  

Christmas Jam
Amish Products
(soon to be more)