One Month's Supply

    2 - 32 oz. bottles of Ezzeac Plus Cat’s Claw
                 or Ezzeac Plus Original
                1 - Heart Drops
                1 - CO Q 10
                1 - Unique E
                1 - Cell Food
                                                                         Cardio Care Protocol

    RECOMMENDED DIET:  Vegetarian Diet

    HEART DROPS:  100 % natural cleansing agent for the circulatory system.  Ingredients include garlic, cayenne and a
    special blend of herbs and spices that promote circulation, clean the blood, facilitate rebuilding of arteries and dissolve
    plaque buildup.  This helps with high cholesterol, angina, blocked arteries and enlarged heart.

    COENZYME Q10:  Clinically proven Solanova™ CoQ10 is three times more bioavailable than others in the
    marketplace.  One 30 mg. Softsule a day is all you need to start seeing improvements in energy, endurance, and overall
    health within 3 to 4 weeks.  It also acts as an antioxidant to ward off free radicals.

    UNIQUE E:  This is the only pure vitamin E in the United States that we know of, therefore it is the only safe Vitamin
    E.  Vitamin E is an antioxidant and may protect against harmful free radicals.  This Vitamin E will not go rancid.  
    Originally this product was only sold to Physicians; we have now made it available to you!

    CELLFOOD:  Taken by the drop in your water (distilled recommended), Cellfood provides an incredible oxygen
    source and delivery system to the body at the cellular level.  It helps your body to generate more oxygen by “splitting”
    the water molecule (H2O), thus releasing both Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms for use by your body.  Doctors have seen
    blood/oxygen levels as high as 99% within a short time of using this product.

    EZZEAC TEA:  We are the only company that treats each herb separately in preparing this age-old formula, getting the
    most effectiveness from each herb.  This tea is 50% Burdock Root, which is the finest blood purifier you can get to
    cleanse the blood, thus cleansing the body.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to
    diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  As with all health supplements check with your health care professional
    before taking.