The Silver Bullet.  Our colloidal silver is unique because the processing
    starts with pure distilled water, ozonated, than processed with our
    proprietary “water transformation process”. This process alters the
    molecular composition of the distilled water, enabling it to conduct
    electricity without any additives whatsoever. Ancient text have shown that
    the manufacturing of metal and water should never be done during
    certain times of the month. We have found this to be true, therefore, our
    manufacturing plant shuts down during that time for one week.

AVAILABLE IN BOTH 10ppm and 30ppm
                                   COLLOIDAL SILVER

                              Nature’s Unique®  Silver Bullet®

    Many medical journals throughout the world refer to silver as the universal germ killer and natural

    Colloidal Silver has been used for hundreds of years as a powerful, natural remedy, with no known side
    effects.  Research reveals that it is a catalyst which disables the particular enzyme that all one-celled
    bacteria, fungus, and virus use for their oxygen metabolism.  As a result they literally suffocate!  Yet,
    further research indicates it is of no harm to the chemistry of the human body .  University/Laboratory
    studies have shown it kills, upon contact, all recognized disease-causing organisms in six minutes or
    less.  No known “disease causing organism” can live in the presence of Colloidal Silver.  Resistant
    strains fail to develop.   

    The Color Issue

    A recognized indicator of the quality of Colloidal Silver is color.  As the size of each silver particle gets
    larger, the color of the solution ranges from a clear with a slight yellow/gold hue to brown to red to gray
    to black.  In terms of quality, this range of color can be interpreted as “best to fair to mediocre to
    inferior”.  Colloids of silver that are produced using our proprietary method  “a water transformation
    process” are the right color and may vary from clear to a light yellow in color.

    Modern Uses:

    Colloidal Silver is virtually tasteless, odorless, non-stinging, and non-burning, even to sensitive tissues.  

    Superior Quality

    Colloidal Silver which is produced using unique “state of the art” electro-colloidal, non-chemical method
    produces premium grade Colloidal Silver when it is prepared with the proprietary “water transformation
    process.”  This original and authentic process makes it possible to eliminate any type of additive, and by
    using the “processed water” it enhances and improves the quality thereby producing optimum results.  At
    the time of manufacturing it contains superfine particles of .99999 Fine Silver in the range of 0.005 -
    0.015 microns in diameter, electromagnetically charged and suspended in the specially processed water.  
    The silver particles will stay in suspension without the need of any chemical, protein, stabilizer, or
    artificial additive.

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