Business today is much different than what it was fifteen years ago.
Because of the tools we have available to us, and the opportunity we have of reaching millions of people
via the Internet, we all can take advantage of designing our business to suit our needs.  

Nature's Unique has a number of products available for you to “private label”.  Because the bottom line
is profits, we can offer you a substantial savings if you are a health practitioner or distributor of health
products.  The products  offered for private label are as follows:

Ezzeac Plus Tea (both with and without Cat’s Claw)
Esseac Plus Tea Concentrate (our new 16 oz. Makes 32 oz.) NEW
Tender Joint (16 oz. Liquid) 1 month's supply NEW
Organic Minerals (2 oz. Liquid) 45 day supply
Vita-Min Plus Herbs (32 oz. Liquid) 1 Months supply
Rise & Shine GOLD (12 caps/bottle)
Rise & Shine Gold 2-Pack
Colloidal Silver (16 oz. 30 ppm)

This is also available to worldwide enterprises interested in private labeling.  This gives you the
flexibility of marketing the product to meet the consumer's needs, and also to design a label in the
language of the consumer you are selling to, or the country you are marketing to.  

All of our products are FDA certified to sell worldwide.  All of our private label products are
manufactured in a controlled environment meeting GMP "Good Manufacturing Practices" regulations
as well as being manufactured in a ISO Certified lab meeting International criteria and regulations.

Because there are Federal Regulations set forth in each country, the label and the product must be
approved by the country you are targeting.  Some herbal formulas or a portion of the formula may not be
approved to sell in your country or the country you are marketing to.

We also offer distributor pricing, and professional discounts for companies and health care professionals
distributing  health products.  Please call or email us and we will provide you with special pricing if you
meet the criteria.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Rise and Shine
Gold Bottle 12
Rise and Shine
Gold Two Pack

16 oz. Bottle, Liquid

1 Month's Supply