RECOMMENDED DIET

    Our experience has shown that in addition to the use of Nature’s Unique® products, a great amount of additional benefit
    can be obtained if the following is included as part of your program.  Generally, the more you can do that is listed
    below, the faster your desired results will be seen. Your problem probably took a long time to develop; it may take a
    little time to correct. Please keep in mind that Dr. Maclean created this, in part, from his experience as a Federal Food

Your diet should consist of no less than 80% raw foods and no more than 20% cooked.  Cooking is a form of  
processing and we all know that processed foods are not healthy.  Cooking kills heat sensitive enzymes that are
necessary to gain or maintain health.

  • A STRICT Vegetarian diet – extremely important
  • NO animal products at all (beef, fish, pork, foul, etc.) they are loaded with chemicals designed to make the animal
    hungry all the time and quickly add weight.  Animal products and animal bi-products are extremely difficult to digest
    and assimilate.  They are extremely difficult for the body to digest.
  • NO animal by-products (eggs, cheese, milk etc.) these work like glue in the human body, milk is high in sodium and
    low in potassium, great if you want to feed such things as cancer cells.
  • NO processed foods (canned, packaged, or cooked) these are loaded with chemicals and are all cooked leaving little
    to no enzymes.
  • NO white foods, enriched flour products, salt (other than sea salt), white rice, white bread etc.
  • NO wheat products such as wheat bread.
  • NO coffee, soft drinks (especially diet soft drinks), liquor, chocolate, tobacco, tea - except herbal teas.
  • NO sugar or sweets - except honey, agave or fruit (sugar depresses the immune system and feeds Candida yeast).
  • NO tap water - use only distilled or water purified by reverse osmosis.
  • NO toothpaste with sodium fluoride - calcium fluoride is OK. Sodium fluoride decreases the adrenal glands’ ability to
    function properly.
  • NO oil or oil rich foods such as nuts, salad dressings, avocados etc., except flax or flax seed oil. Flax oil helps the
    body assimilate protein. Peanuts have a fungus on them that produces aflatoxin which was found to stimulate tumors in
    test animals.
  • NO protein rich foods or substitutes after 2:00pm. But Protein rich foods are necessary before 2:00pm. Although
    protein is necessary for life, protein interferes with the body's ability to heal. The body goes into a healing mode in the
    afternoon and evening. Undigested protein has been linked to tumors.

    Add these to the diet – extremely important    

    Fresh fruits - the more the better (organic if possible), these help detox the body and supply it with natural sugar.
    Fresh vegetables - the more the better (organic if possible), these help rebuild the body especially when eaten raw.
    Juiced fruit or juiced vegetables with each meal - the more the better.
    Eat fruit and vegetables separately - eat fruit, wait 30 min. then eat vegetables or eat vegetables, wait 90 minutes then
    eat fruit.

Other items that are important and should be considered adding to one of the protocols:

    CoQ10 - 600mg twice daily for one – two months then reduce to 250-300mg daily. This is important in the building of
    red blood cells that carries oxygen and food throughout the body.

    Unique E – (we recommend only this brand) it is the only Vitamin E in the US that is pure. Take one Gel cap for every
    40 pounds of body weight. DO NOT TAKE AT NIGHT. Take Selenium with Vitamin E to get better absorption. This is
    an anti-oxidant and helps with the blood.

    Cellfood – increases blood oxygen. Many pathogens that can harm you can not live in high levels of oxygen.

Can be added to the Program - Important but not as important as the above:

    Water - Drink 1 ounce of water for every pound of body weight.  For maintenance drink 1 ounce of water for every 2
    pounds of body weight.  This will help detox and balance the pH of the body.

    Rebounder (small trampoline) - rebound for 5 minutes, 2-5 times a day, while breathing deeply.  No more than 5
    minutes at a time.  This helps to move the lymph fluid and helps clean the body.  Moving the lymph fluid is important
    because it is the garbage collector of the body.   

   There are four main ways to move the lymph:

  1. An up and down motion of the body such as jogging (but jogging is hard on the spine and joints)
  2. Use a rebounder
  3. A yoga breathing exercise (see below under: Breathing Exercise)
  4. Lymphatic message - daily or as often as possible

    Exercise - Some form of physical exercise to stimulate sweating daily.  

    Get plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

    Liver and gall bladder cleanse - until gall bladder is clean.

    Cream of Tarter - 2 teaspoons daily for 15 to 30 days - helps control yeast.

    Colonics - to clean the bowel and help rid the body of toxins.  Yucca liquid is excellent for cleansing the entire
    digestive tract, especially the small intestine.

    Parasite cleanse - Consider a 22 day cleanse. Some use Worm Wood combination by Hanna Kroeger with Black
    Walnut Hull tincture or your choice of parasite cleanse, or a product called Paragon, found in most health food stores.  
    Use with a Zapper to assist in the elimination of parasites.

Ask your Health Food Store or Health Care Practitioner to carry the above items; we can advise them where they can
purchase them. If they refuse to carry these items, then contact us. Nature’s Unique usually has most, but not all, of          
these items available.

Breathing Exercise to increase lymphatic fluid movement and increase oxygen:
Basic program

The ratio of breathing in, holding the breath and breathing out should be a ratio of  1:4:2
Inhale is through the nose and exhale through the nose or mouth.

    Example: Breathe in to the count of 7, (ratio of 1) expanding the stomach, this fully expands the lungs. Hold the breath
    to a count of 28, (ratio of 4) this allows the body to extract the maximum amount of oxygen from the lungs and pushes it
    into the blood. Exhale slowly to the count of 14, (ratio of 2) contracting the stomach as much as possible. Breath in
    normally for 3-5 times. This complete exhale discharges the toxins from the body. Take 10 breaths this way no less
    than 3 times a day.

    Your body should be 76 - 78% water. Most people are between 50-65%. Therefore most people are dehydrated at the
    cellular level.  When the level is less than 76%, your body and organs are not being flushed out, and the internal body
    becomes like a stagnant pool.  Keep flushing the body with water from water rich foods.  Vegetables, Fruit, Gourds and
    Sprouts are the only water rich foods.  Therefore 80% of your diet should consist of raw Fruits, and Vegetables,
    Gourds and Sprouts and no more than 20% cooked vegetables, i.e. dried beans, potatoes, or brown rice that need to be
    cooked.  Most other foods should be eaten raw.  Consider purchasing a juicer.  This allows you to consume larger
    amounts of raw foods.  One large glass full of juiced foods equals 2 plates of bulk food.




    If you are going to juice your vegetables, it is important to understand that ORGANICALLY grown is ideally the best,
    because they are pesticide free. If you purchase from your grocer or a FARMERS MARKET, you should clean them
    thoroughly . A proper way for cleaning your vegetables would be to soak them in a 3% solution of Hydrogen Peroxide
    (made from 30-35% Food Grade or Reagent grade) for 30 minutes or more to remove the chemicals. If you can not
    find food grade peroxide, try one cup white vinegar to one gallon water solution. This is also good for cleaning

    ALFALFA -  The richest source of chlorophyll. DO NOT take alfalfa juice BY ITSELF! Combine it with carrot juice.
    This combo provides new life for the heart, arteries, veins, and lymph vessels. When taken with cleansing enemas, it
    clears out the bowels; this good for lungs and sinus problems and gas disappears.

    ASPARAGUS -  An alkaloid known as asparagine is the wonder element in asparagus. It is lost when cooked. Used
    for anemia and kidneys, breaks up oxalic acid crystals in the muscles and joints. It’s best when combined with beet,
    carrot and cucumber.  Oxalic acid is responsible for kidney stones.

    BEET -  A blood builder. NEVER take more than 4 ounces at a time! It’s potent. Use with carrot juice in a ratio of
    4 oz. beet juice to 16 oz. carrot juice. Supports a normal menstrual cycle: Take 2 oz. a day of  this formula. Beet,
    carrot, and cucumber together makes a tonic to support the gallbladder and kidneys, and as a cleanser for the
    gallbladder and liver.  Should be supplemented with the juice of one lemon in an 8 oz. glass full of hot water.

    CABBAGE -  In the raw state, it is high in sulfur, chlorine and iodine. It helps cleanse the intestinal tract. The
    formation of gas after cabbage juice is drunk, indicates the presence of abnormal conditions in the bowel, therefore the
    taking of cabbage juice actually becomes a test for the condition of the abdomen.  To alleviate unnecessary discomfort,
    it is wise to cleanse the bowel with enemas or colonics BEFORE starting the cabbage juice regimen. Carrot and
    spinach juice will help the transition. It is high in vitamin C.  DO NOT ADD SALT OR VINEGAR.

    CARROT -  High in vitamins B,C,E,G and K, one to five pints of carrot juice may be consumed daily with no side
    effects. One pint of carrot juice contains more mineral value than twenty five pounds of calcium tablets! This makes it
    invaluable to the nervous system and creates vigor. It helps the body resist infection, helps cleanse ulcerated areas, as
    well as helps cleanse the liver and intestines. Carrot juice supports the liver and gallbladder, which lets bile loose. It
    is excellent for eyes and skin, as well as a general body cleanser.

    CELERY - An excellent source of organic calcium so vital to body rehabilitation and growth. Also high in iron and
    magnesium it is very valuable to the nerves, balanced pH and blood.

    CUCUMBER - A natural diuretic, cucumber is an excellent cleanser for the kidneys and bladder, and when added to
    carrot, spinach and lettuce, it aids hair and fingernail growth, supports healthy skin.

    DANDELION -  Rich in magnesium, iron, calcium and sulfur, all of which are builders of the body. It also supports
    the nervous system because of the presence of these minute minerals. It is also a natural diuretic.

    ENDIVE -  Used to support healthy eyes. Endive is often called chicory. It is a vitamin-rich vegetable that, can be
    consumed as a juice, and combined with carrot and celery juice, it is valuable for lung and sinus support. When
    combined with parsley and celery juice in equal parts it is good support for the heart muscle.

    LETTUCE -  Like alfalfa, lettuce is high in iron and magnesium, and thus valuable for the development of red blood
    cells for those who have sustained a high blood loss ( from surgery, wounds, menstrual period, etc.) It aids as a
    muscle developer and hair restorer. Use leaf lettuce NOT head lettuce (like iceberg).

    PARSLEY -  Cleans the kidneys and supplies properties that support the proper function of the thyroid and adrenal
    glands. It maintains the smaller blood vessels and is of particular value in the blood vessels in weak eyes. When
    mixed with carrot and endive juice, parsley becomes a powerful physical aid. Supports women with menstrual

    GREEN PEPPER -  Has lots of silicone and when combined with carrot and spinach juice and taken one pint a day,
    it improves hair and nail growth. Helps get rid of abdominal gases and should be drunk BEFORE eating.

    POTATO -  Combined with carrot and celery is excellent for muscle, nerve and intestine, especially when all meats
    are eliminated from diet.

    SPINACH -  As an alimentary tract cleanser, spinach juice also regenerates the stomach, duodenum and small bowel
    lining. Spinach juice, added to raw carrot juice, provides one of the most effective and potent health drinks available.
    Spinach also contains Vitamin E. NEVER heat or cook it. Cooking converts its oxalic acid content into dangerous
    inorganic crystals that cause kidney pain and kidney problems such as stones. Oxalic acid, as long as it remains
    uncooked is a valuable stimulant for constriction in the stomach and bowel.

    TOMATO -  When processed and canned, tomato is almost devoid of food value! Cooked tomatoes are acid, raw
    tomatoes are alkaline.  Those who drink a lot of canned juices, often experience kidney and bladder problems. Fresh
    tomatoes are high in calcium, potassium and magnesium. Tomato juice should be consumed ONLY IF there is NO
    starch or sugar on the menu!

    TURNIP -  The juice of turnip leaves provides more calcium than any other vegetable. Great for hardening bones and
    teeth. When combined with celery and carrot juice, it can suppress hyper-acidity. It is also valuable to  metabolism in
    the nervous system and the musculature of the body.  Calcium feeds muscles and nerves it is of particular veins in the
    legs and intestine. It strengthens the walls. The venous walls then tighten.  This is especially true when turnip juice is
    combined with equal amounts of spinach, watercress and carrot juice.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to
    diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended
to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.