Herbal extracts taken from the finest Oriental herbs and
may have the capacity to help cleanse and invigorate blood
circulation. This combination has a safe, oral chelating
effect. I t has been found to help support a normalize blood
pressure and help with headaches, darkened lips, cold hands
and feet from poor circulation, and numbness

The Indian Shaman taught the white man many ways to
heal the body, but the most important was "to heal the body,
you must first cleanse the blood"
                                                                           CHI RESEARCH


    Of the thousands of cancer patients who have been reviewed by Dr. Chi, 80% of these exhibited teeth
    marks on their tongues and a lack of Lunule on their fingernails. Because the Lunule, which appears on
    the fingernail, is a reflective sign of saturation levels of cellular oxygen, a normal person should have 4
    lunule on each hand, excluding the pinkie. A patient who lacks lunule on the fingernails (circulation
    blocked) will usually experience such symptoms as having cold hands and feet, numbness of the limbs,
    no energy and memory loss. With the use of Vein Lite, Asparagus Extract and Germanium, the lunule
    should gradually reappear on the fingernails. Each fingernail needs 3 months.

    Made from the extract of Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Flos Carthami, and
    Fructus Crataegi, Vein Lite has the capacity to invigorate blood circulation, remove blood stasis, and
    have an oral chelation effects.  It has been found to support normal blood pressure and related
    problems such as headaches, darkened lips, cold hands and feet, numbness.  By the early 1990’s in
    China and Japan, these herbs had already been proven by their respective Health Departments to be
    excellent in the improvement of oxygen circulation and therefore the capacity to improve brain
    function, tested by C14 radioactive isotope decay studies on brain glucose anabolism.  Reports from
    Japan also show that Vein Lite has anti-oxidant effects which eliminate free-radicals; it increases
    Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) activity to oppose the damaging effects of reactive metabolic by-
    products.  Besides that, Vein Lite has been shown to increase acetylcholine and acetylcholinesterase
    levels in the brain, functioning (even better than Nerve Growth Factor) in specific areas to maintain
    sharp mental capacities and delay the onset of age-related senility brought on by the lack of the

    According to clinical studies from Japan published September 1991, the effectiveness of these herbs
    used on 300 patients can be seen as follows:

    Clinical results showed:

    1.      Improvement in blood flow, lowered blood thickness, adjusted amounts of platelet clotting,
            lowered fibrinogen
    2.      Lowered TXB2
    3.      Increased pulmonary and coronary circulation
    4.      Increased EEG activity (in those with symptoms of senility)
    5.      Chelating of heavy metals

    Da Lian Hospital conducted a study examining 400 patient cases and the effect of taking this formula.  
    The most noticeable effects were seen in the lowering of blood lipid levels, lowered fibrinogen levels,
    and lower platelet coagulation times.  It is thus hypothesized that these herbs are excellent support for
    those who have had strokes, cerebral hemorrhaging, thrombosis, and people who have had related
    speech problems because they have the capacity to adjust blood flow rate, decrease platelet
    agglutination, lower fibrinogen amounts, decrease clotting time, and lower MCV (mean corpuscular
    volume.) High MCV may indicate anemia, liver, alcoholism or folic acid.

  • Dr. Cole-Texas/Alaska - Has several patients who suffer from numbness of the limbs, to whom  
    neurologists had suggested surgery. The limbs returned to normal due to tremendously improved blood

  • Dr. Cobra-FL- He has been using VEIN LITE for half a year. His lunula came back to his fingernails.

  • Dr. Dornfeld & Dr. Rosen-NJ -  For EDTA/DMPS IV chelation patients used VEIN LITE /
    (ASPARAGUS EXTRACT) has better results.
  • Dr. Barber from Alaska - His wife had cholesterol of 292. Few months, he was able to lower her
    cholesterol to 187.

  • Another patient had a problem with circulation in his legs. After five months  the patient had a 55%
improvement in circulation.

  • A.B.-Nevada- Patient suffered from extremely high levels of heavy metals, cholesterol and increased
    thyroid activity. After 5 months, she has lost weight and her aluminum levels fell from 140 to 59;
    arsenic from 92 to 50; cadmium from 2.4 to 1.7; mercury from 13 to 1.5; nickel from 61 to 7.5.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not
intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  As with all health supplements check with your
health care professional before taking.

Symptoms            after 2 wks        after 4 wks    after 6 wks   after 8 wks     

Headache                   38.5              69.2                  72.7             91.7    

Heavy Head               36.4              71.0                  72.4              ----

Dizziness*                 40.0              ----                   52.6              66.7
Cardiotromus             ----               ----                    60.0             40.0

& Feet                      12.5              37.5                   ----                53.5

Limb numbness*       11.1               ----                    50.0              55.5

*Dizziness and numbness disappearance rate doubles when taken
with other herbs.