Unique E


    Vitamin E - This is the only pure vitamin E in the U.S, therefore it is the
    only safe Vitamin E.  Provides full antioxidant protection against harmful
    free radicals.  This vitamin E will not go rancid.  This is a mixed
    tocopherol concentrate.  Originally this product was only sold to physicians.
    Dr. Maclean says that if he could not get Unique E, he would not take any
    vitamin E at all.  Recommended one gel cap (400 i.u.) for every 40 lbs. of
    body weight. For best absorption take vitamin E with selenium.
                               Vitamin E Complex

    The most commonly asked questions…

    WHY does your doctor recommend you only use our UNIQUE E™ Complex when you can buy so many other
    Vitamin E products from supermarket shelves or mail order catalogs for less?

    Your doctor knows you have a very slim or no chance finding a truly effective and protective form of Vitamin
    E in the market place!

    Doctors and health-care professionals also know there are only three primary forms of Vitamin E available
    (other than) UNIQUE E™ vitamin E Complex).

      What are the THREE PRIMARY FORMS other than UNIQUE E™ all natural unesterified high antioxidant
  Vitamin E Complex?

    1)      SYNTHETIC:  dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate or succinate (also spelled with “v” instead of “o” as in
    tocopherol). Is the cheapest, least effective, chemically produced (often dry) form.  It often causes unwanted
    side effects such as, gastric distress, palpitations, even at relatively low dosages. Persons taking this dry
    succinate Vitamin E err in assuming this form of Vitamin E is better because it contains no rancid vegetable oil
    contents to sicken them.  Many shelf and catalog available Vitamin E products are adulterated with addition of
    the synthetic dl form to lower their competitive shelf cost.

    2)      ESTERIFIED:  d-alpha tocopheryl acetate or succinate (also spelled with “v” instead of ‘o” as in
    tocopherol).  Produced by chemically converting the natural oil soluble alpha, beta, gamma, delta tocopherols,
    into a single acid ester (hence the term “esterfied”).  The Laboratory Data Sheets of producers of esterifed
    Vitamin E admit the tocopher(y)l esters not being subject to oxidation do not serve as antioxidants.  When
    antioxidant protection is desired they recommend their MIXED TOCOPHEROLS CONCENTRATE.

    3)      MIXED TOCOPHEROLS:  The natural best and more expensive form of Vitamin E Complex containing
    all four of the Alpha, Beta. Gamma, and Delta oil soluble tocopherols.  Unfortunately, producers of natural,
    Vitamin E Complex MIXED TOCOPHEROLS do not produce any without leaving up to one-half or more soy
    or other vegetable oil diluent in the mixture.  Even in hermetically sealed Softgel capsules this oil diluent will
    turn rancid producing a jolt of harmful free radicals along with daily Vitamin E intake.  This nulifies your very
    reason for taking VITAMIN E Complex for antioxidant protection.
    Why does UNIQUE E™ Vitamin E Complex cost more than these other three primary forms?

    UNIQUE E™ Vitamin E Complex:  Your doctor knows all Natural Unesterified Extra High Antioxidant Vitamin
    E Complex Concentrate is the only form providing full antioxidant protection against harmful free radicals.  
    More recent studies reveal the gamma tocopherol fraction may be more potent then alpha tocopherol or the
    other beta, gamma, delta tocopherols in suppressing harmful free radicals.  One harmful free radical-producing
    compound gamma tocopherol inhibits strongly is peroxynitrite, harmful to cells because of its powerful
    oxidizing and nitrating properties.  Scientist state that Vitamin E supplements should contain at least 20%
    gamma tocopherol but most commercial Vitamin E supplements do not contain any gamma tocopherol at all.  
    UNIQUE E™ Vitamin E Complex has always averaged at least 56% gamma tocopherol.  Our UNIQUE E™
    bottle label is now revised to indicate a 700 mg capsule content of natural Vitamin E Complex MIXED
    TOCOPHEROL CONCENTRATE.  This includes the beta, gamma, delta antioxidant tocopherols as well as
    400 i.u.. of d-alpha tocopherol.

    The high quality extra antioxidant diluent-free UNIQUE E™ Complex Concentrate is a private label formula
    produced exclusively for A.C.Grace Company costing up to 275% more than the synthetic dl form of Vitamin
    E, more than the esterified tocopherol acetate (succinate) forms and even more than the ordinary Mixed
    Tocopherols.  You get only the quality you pay for in Vitamin E supplements.

    What amount should you take?

    You could never really know all the benefits the right form of Vitamin E Complex Concentrate will provide
    unless you use UNIQUE E™ the right form and especially in the right amount recommended!  Our doctors and
    health professionals with extensive UNIQUE E™ dosage experience have found it takes a minimum of one
    700mg Softgel capsule for each 40 pounds of body weight for normal maintenance, with the entire amount all
    taken at the same time,  (If age over 50 years, taking 1 additional capsule daily would be prudent to assure
    maximum benefit).

    Many physicians with long experience with UNIQUE E™ use the “jumpstart” maximum dosage of six 700 mg
    Softgels for quicker alleviation of chronic conditions, the entire amount must be taken all at the same time.  
    This should only be done under your doctors advice.  When chronic symptoms are alleviated regular
    maintenance amounts based on body weight and age can be resumed.  It is always advisable to follow your
    doctors directions in taking any vitamin or supplement.  There is no danger of overdose even with the maximum
    amount recommended.

    How long should you continue taking Vitamin E?

    The Doctors Evan and Wilfred Shute, Eminent Canadian specialist (now since deceased), who treated over
    54,000 cases of heart conditions, stated that Vitamin E is an unusual “in that half a dose does not produce half a
    result”.  You need to take enough to “spill over” the top of the dam.  What spills over the top produces the
    results.  They stated there are 3 ways to make Vitamin E useless.  (1) Don’t take high enough amounts to get
    “spill over” results. (2) Split the amount so you never get to the top of the dam. (3) Use the wrong form.

    Unlike vitamins A,D,&K, the other oil soluble vitamins, Vitamin E contrary to general belief is not stored in the
    body. In as little as 3 to 6 days after discontinuing daily amounts, all positive effects and benefits cease.

    The American diet, according to nutritional research contains 7-10 i.u.. of Vitamin E, an amount too
    insignificant for any effect.  Today’s processed, demineralized foods provide little or none in the diet.  For this
    reason the need to take Vitamin E continues as long as you desire its benefits.  In insurance, you cease
    coverage protection when you cease payments regardless of how long you previously paid premiums.

    Can Vitamin E make you sick?

    People say “I can’t take Vitamin E because it makes me sick!”  Well, first of all, it’s not the Vitamin E that
    makes them sick.  It’s the rancid vegetable oil in the capsules!  This is why some mistakenly believe the dry
    form acetate or succinate is better than natural Vitamin E because the dry form contains no rancid oil to cause a
    sick feeling from harmful free radical reaction.

    Also, if you are taking the synthetic dl type, you aren’t taking a natural substance.  You are actually taking a
    chemically produced Vitamin E.  When you take even low or normal amounts of the synthetic dl esterified
    forms, you may experience palpitations, gastric distress and other unwanted side effects even in relatively low
    doses. This will not occur when taking the all natural unesterified form of Vitamin E Complex MIXED

    Why is your doctor’s choice of UNIQUE E™ Complex best for you?

    Hopefully your doctor prefers prevention rather than treatment for disease.  Prevention is less invasive and
    costly for you.  Your doctor is interested in you, the whole patient.  He knows the supplements you take either
    contribute to or detract from your total health.  Doctors and other health professionals provide UNIQUE E ™
    Vitamin E Complex MIXED TOCOPHEROLS CONCENTRATE direct to you as a convenient and valuable
    service.  They know regular daily intake will provide benefits available only from the truly effective and
    reliable UNIQUE E ™ Vitamin E Complex.  

    Is UNIQUE E ™ a new product?

    Roy Erickson, (now deceased) Founder and President of A.C.Grace Co. says, “We’ve been providing  
    UNIQUE E ™ our ONE and ONLY product, since 1962, primarily to physicians practicing alternative
    preventive complimentary medicine!  I knew if I didn’t produce this more costly form it would never become
    available to benefit humanity.  I was right!  To this date this highest quality form of Vitamin E Complex is still
    not readily available except from such companies like Natures Unique, because of its higher cost.  
    Supplementing your diet with the right form in the right dose of all natural Vitamin E Complex MIXED
    TOCOPHEROLS CONCENTRATE will provide benefits you cannot get from today’s highly processed
    deminerlized foods usually devoid of true nutritional value.”  

    We provide, through our doctors and health-care professionals, UNIQUE E™ the natural Vitamin E Complex
    MIXED TOCOPHEROLS CONCENTRATE, our exclusive proprietary formula since 1962.

    UNIQUE E ™ Vitamin E Complex is UNIQUE!

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